The Crew

Small team but works perfectly well.

My dad and kirk always there to help me!!


 I would like to say a BIG thank you to Kirk Dennis. Without him the bike would not be set up at all and completely maintained, so there for, I would not be achieving the positions I am getting. He is very thorough and sets up everything from tyre pressures to suspension. 

For the past 4 seasons Kirk has now looked after my bike and i have never had a problem with it yet. Good suspension set up is vital and thanks to Kirk listening to my feedback we normally get it spot on.

 Kirk is also on hand for giving good, constructive advice. He has made me understand the importance of coming in off the track and giving feedback on how the bike is handling. We seem to have a good rider / friend / mechanic relationship. 

I sincerely hope that he is available and willing to help me again in 2015 next season.

Cheers Kirk.